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Picture of KOOLMASK

Clean air supplied by twin turbo fans

Ultra protection from tri-layer filter

Stay cool with patented air valve

Modular structure for easy cleaning

Picture of KOOLMASK

Works with your own power bank

Sleek design is easy to assemble

Lasting comfort with a unique face seal

Positive pressure prevents leakage

Picture of KoolMask

Customize your own look

Picture of KoolMask
The frame The filter The protective mesh and fans The face seal

The modular design allows for easy assembly

KoolMask has a three layer filter that can filter smells, chemical fumes, exhaust, microbes, bacteria and virus. PM 2.5

A replaceable, multi-layer filter provides unprecedented protection

Image of the patented Koolmask exhale valve

Triple-layer exhale valve reduces excessive CO2 and moisture buildup

Bad air in Good air out Bad air in Good air out
KoolMask has custom fans

Twin custom-engineered turbo fans provide variable speed control and up to 150 liters of clean air per minute

KoolMask comes in different colors

Choose your color and get unmatched style and protection

KoolMask has a comfortable head strap

Comfortable, secure and easy to adjust

Control airflow to KOOLMASK

KOOLMASK is operated by a control unit compatible with any mobile power bank with output above 5V/2.1A

External power source makes KOOLMASK safer and lighter while running for up to 4 hours

KOOLMASK is NIOSH, RoHS, UL, CE, FCC compliant

The mask control unit contains an integrated, rechargeable air quality sensor

The air quality sensor can be used with the mask or independently, without a cable

Picture of the KOOLMASK control unit

The sensor measures the density of air borne pollutant particles from PM10 to PM 2.5 and even PM1.0

The air quality data is visible in real time on your smartphone, via bluetooth, on the KOOLMASK app

You can choose to share your data and join the KOOLMASK global air quality network


KOOLMASK was started by a dad inspired to create a safer environment for his son to play outdoors. Originally from Seattle, Luke suffered from terrible allergies and asthma as a result of heavy air pollution while living in Asia.

In order to enjoy outside activities, Luke would have to wear one of the face masks that are all too common. Unfortunately, Luke could only wear the mask for up to 15 minutes at a time due to the discomfort caused by heat, moisture and lack of air circulation. He wished that he could have a mask that felt “KOOL,” looked “KOOL,” and could also protect him from air borne pollutants, allergens and bacteria.

Unable to find such a face mask on the market, Luke and his dad decided to develop their own and with help from their family and friends, KOOLMASK has now risen from an idea to an actual product with multiple pending international patents. KOOLMASK hopes it will help all the people out there suffering from air pollution, so they can enjoy normal, active lives. Be on the look out for KOOLMASK’s first facemask to launch in late 2018!