HEXA Cover (5 color options)

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Koolmask HEXA External hexagonal cover


The Hexa mask from Kool Mask arrived this week. It does exactly what it is intended to do and does it very well. The filtration, face fit and comfort are very good and the positive pressure provided by the fans is amazing. The mask is so good I have already ordered a second one

John S. / Lincolnshire, UK

Spent yesterday at the Magic Kingdom Park. The day started at 8:00 am (83 degrees) and overcast. The temperature rose to 92 degrees around 12 when the clouds departed and the sun came out. The mask was comfortable for a majority of the day. The face seal became sweaty after the temp went above 90. Even with the sweaty feel, the mask in my opinion was better than a cloth or N95 mask. The fans gave good airflow, however at the highest setting it’s a little on the loud side. A majority of the day the fans ran at the middle settings and was not an issue. The mask had no issues on any of the rides. It stayed in place even on Big Thunder Mountain and Seven Dwarf Mine Train coasters. The Koolmask performance was far better than the sports mask (with filter and exhale valve) I was using before receiving your mask. The Koolmask also got its fair share of people taking a second look.

Tim L. / Florida, USA

Ever since The MTA made it mandatory to wear a mask, I’ve been searching for a better option. I ride the NYC subway during rush hour, I get very hot under my KN95 mask just by standing on the subway platform. When I first tried Koolmask I was so surprised that I stayed cool under the mask, as long as the fan was on. It’s a bit bigger on the face than what I was used to, but well worth it now that I can breathe peacefully while commuting.

Connie P. / NYC, USA