How it works

Hexa is the first ever smart air purifier mask.

Hexa is a new, comprehensive super mask, developed to remove pollutants, exhaust and other harmful substances from the air you breathe, while keeping you cool and refreshed.

Hexa is powered by twin turbo fans that can supply up to 150 liters of clean air per minute, alleviating stress on your lungs and quickly filtering thick smoke, dust and other airborne irritants. 

It is the solution for anyone exposed to polluted air; commuters, motorists, athletes, outdoor element sufferers will all benefit from a healthier, cleaner air supply.

CE, ROHS AND TAIWAN CNS 15980 Certified Face Mask

The best solution

KOOLMASK IS CE, ROHS and Taiwan CNS 15980 certified

What makes Hexa so great?

Clean air supplied by twin turbo fans

Ultra protection from a 5-layer filter

Stay cool with patented air valve

Modular structure for easy cleaning

Works with a 5V/2.4A power bank

Sleek design is easy to assemble

Lasting comfort with a unique face seal 

Superior Face Seal to Minimize leakage

Intelligent structure

The modular design allows for easy assembly.

5-Layer Filter

Hexa uses a proprietary 5-layer composite filter which includes a tradtional melt blown static charge filter and a high tech nano membrane. The filter can capture both oil based and non-oil based airborne particles with >95% efficiency.

Dry & fresh

The single-layer exhale valve reduces excessive CO2 and moisture buildup.

Turbo fans

Twin custom-engineered turbo fans provide variable speed control and up to 150 litres of clean air per minute.

Control unit

KOOLMASK is operated by a control unit compatible with any mobile power bank with output of 5V/2.4A.

External power source makes KOOLMASK safer and lighter while running for up to 4 hours. External power bank is not included.

Comfortable, secure and easy to adjust.